What is Vino Cotto? What is a Vincotto reduction sauce?

What is Vino Cotto (or Vincotto) Reduction?

A Vino Cotto/Vincotto reduction sauce is made by slowing cooking Vino Cotto even further until it becomes a thick and velvety syrup.  Care is required to not overcook the reduction as it will easily burn and spit.

The rich thick sauces can be used as a glaze to easily decorate dishes with swirls and beads or to provide intense flavour to the meal.

Vinocotto reduction

Whilst the Vincotto is being reduced over a gentle heat, you can introduce flavours to the sauce to complement the dish.  For example:

Vino Cotto reduction with rosemary and garlic – great for beef, lamb, rabbit, quail meals.

Vino Cotto reduction with cherries – great for duck meals, desserts.

Vino Cotto reduction with cinnamon and mandarin peel – great with ice-creams, poached fruit and desserts.

Just a few drops of the reduction sauce is need to give dishes an aromatic garnish and visual appeal.

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