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What is Vino Cotto

Our Authentic Vino Cotto

Also known as VinCotto, Musto Cotto and Saba in various regions of Italy.

Our Vino Cotto is a delicious, naturally sweet and aromatic condiment made from the must of premium late harvest wine grapes.  The must is slowly cooked and reduced into a syrup and then cellared for many months to develop it’s tasting notes of ripe red fruits.

As a real labour of love, our Vino Cotto is handmade in small batches, following our family age-old recipe to ensure supreme quality and taste.  Authentic Vino Cotto is made using only grape must.  There is no artificial preservatives and no red wine vinegar added.

Rich in aroma of dark berries and spices and with a luscious texture and bitter sweet balance, our Vino Cotto has a unique flavour profile that will complement many sweet and savoury dishes.  Drizzle over ice-creams, fruit desserts or aged cheese, use it to dress leafy and grain salads, add it to sauces and meat marinades or use it to create an inspired dessert.   Try it as a finishing touch to your dish.  It’s ready to be enjoyed and to help you create special moments between family and friends. View our recipes.

What is Vino Cotto or Vincotto

“Vino Cotto…this magic ingredient”
Stephanie Alexander – Australian chef, restaurateur and food writer.