Caramelised Onions with a splash of Vino Cotto

Caramelised onions with a splash of Vino CottoVino cotto caramelised onions

I’m sure we can all agree how brillantly caramelised onions can turn a simple dish into something deliciously gourmet. These tender, sweet and yet savoury flavour onions can be used in so many ways, from pizza topping, layered on burgers, added to roast pumpkin salads with fetta, in braised dishes, on BBQ steaks or in soups.

Adding a slash of Vino Cotto to deglaze the pan, helps lift the sticky fonds (the sugars that are released and caramelise) that form on the skillet, giving the onions an even richer and delicious flavour.

4 medium red onions (or your preferred onion/shallots)
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tspn salt
a few sprigs thyme
2 tbsp Vino Cotto

Remove the skins from the onions and slice from root to stem into thin even slices.
Add olive oil to skillet over medium heat.
Add the onions and stir them gently to coat with olive oil.
Add the salt and thyme.
As the onions cook, they will start to soften and become translucent and jammy.
Stir occasionally and scrape up the fond with the evaporating liquid from the onions. This will take approx. 20minutes. Adjust heat if onions are burning.
The onions will become golden and smell caramelised as they cook. Continue cooking to your preferred level of caramelisation and taste.
Just before you are ready to finish cooking the onions, add the Vino Cotto scraping up the fonds on the bottom of the skillet and gently stir through.
Use immediately or allow the onions to cool in pan.
Onions can be kept in refrigerator for a week.


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