IL Baronello Vino Cotto Newsletter – Spring 2012


IL Baronello Vino Cotto

Spring 2012 Newsletter
We’ve recently completed another round of filtering and decanting of our 2012 Vino Cotto. It has been resting in storage since April 2012.  We are so delighted with the product so far. It just needs a few more months of maturity before it is  ready to be released for bottling.  

A delicate berry and plum aroma filled the cellar, the morning the vats were opened and the aroma lingered for many days after.  A reminder of just how natural and passionately crafted our Vino Cotto product really is.  We asked our resident expert, my 78 year old mother-in-law to taste the Vino Cotto and she was very pleased.  She made Vino Cotto as a young women in Southern Italy and so she knows what to expect from a quality product, after all she taught us how to make it.  She was pleased with the fragrance and taste of the various flavours, the smoothness and slight thickness of the still young Vincotto.  So we have her official nod of approval.

Our customer feedback often mentions the natural goodness, quality and distinctive taste that our product offers.   We are very proud to have remained true to the authentic recipe of Vino Cotto, often described by elderly Italians as the ‘nectar of the vines’.   Unlike other commercially produced Vino Cotto products on the market, there is no red wine vinegar, preservatives or additives in our Vino Cotto, just pure and fresh grape ‘must’ and raw fruit.  So you can be assured that you are purchasing a special product and whether it’s for you or for a gift, you know that it will be truly appreciated.

Step into Spring
Spring is here, an amazing season, where new life abounds.  So, welcome the new season and warmer days with these delicious recipes using Vino Cotto.
IL Baronello Vin Cotto

New Recipes

Strawberry VinCotto Ice-cream with Sweet VinCotto Syrup Makes 1 litre

Strawberry VinCotto Ice-cream with Sweet VinCotto Syrup
This Strawberry and Vino Cotto ice-cream is sensational.  The strawberry flavor is intense and vibrant and the drizzled sweet syrup makes it both exquisite and unique.  This is a great party dessert and most of your guests will be addicted to the sweet sticky syrup. Highly recommended for the ice-cream afficionados!  Read more.

 Vino Cotto Roasted Pumpkin and Goats Curd Tart  Serves 10

Vino Cotto Roasted Pumpkin and Goats Curd Tart
A warm tart that is delicious served with a salad for lunch or a treat for a summer picnic.  
The Parmesan and fennel flavoured rough puff pastry combines beautifully with sweetness of the roasted Vino Cotto pumpkin and creamy goats cured.
Read more.

Char-grilled Chicken, Grape and Almond Barley Salad with Vino Cotto soaked Raisins   Serves 4

Char-grill chicken with VinCotto Raisins, Grape and Almond Barley Salad
The sweet Vino Cotto raisins are delicious in this healthy pearl barley salad with a nutty gourmet crunch.  Love the different textures this salad has to offer.  The chicken tenderloins are not only healthy but they cook in next to no time, so they’re perfect for getting dinner on the table fast.  Read more.

Tip…Vino Cotto Dressings & Marinades

Next time you need a great tasting salad dressing or a marinade for meat, reach for Vino Cotto.  With it’s rich notes of raisins and plums, the Vino Cotto works magically with tomato salads, rocket salads, roasted vegetables and lamb, quail or pork fillet dishes.

Basic Salad Dressing & Meat Marinade
Vino Cotto marinade
(Adjust measurements to taste & quantity required)
½  cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbsp Vino Cotto
pinch sea salt 
Ground pepper
Flavouring options
Fresh herbs:  thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, mint (about 2 tbsp)
Bulbs: garlic, onion
Vinaigrette: red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar (about 2 tbsp), Dijon mustard (about ½ tspn)
Fresh juices: orange

Add a bottle of your favourite VinoCotto to your Christmas Hampers

Vino Cotto Christmas Gifts 2011 If you enjoying preparing your own gourmet hampers with all your favourite goodies, consider adding a bottle of your favourite Vino Cotto.  I’m sure the receiver of  your gift will be thrilled to discover the delicious taste of this special artisan product. 

At IL Baronello we are working on Christmas hampers to be ready for purchase by mid November.  For now take a look at our 2011 hampers. These are also availble for purchase from our Hampers Web Page – Click Here.
You will receive an email from us, once the new 2012 hampers have been finalised with full details.