Vino Cotto Newletter – Autumn 2013


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Making the Best Possible Vino Cotto

Our goal is to make the best possible Vino Cotto within the constraints of each vintage.  Having said that, we’ve just successfully navigated our way through another production of Vino Cotto, which is always a rewarding experience and the bottled product should prove to be fantastic.
The vines this year enjoyed perfect ripening weather, with minimal spoilage, allowing the berries to establish flavours of concentration.
The young 2013 Vino Cotto is now resting in storage for the next many months.  As it ages, the Vino Cotto becomes more syrupy and intensely flavoured with a delicate sweetness and lovely lingering fragrance.Autumn Indulgence
As the weather gets cooler our thoughts turn to comfort food with ingredients that capture the rays of our Autumn sun. We have prepared three new recipes for you and your family to enjoy while these Autumn fruits still have about three weeks to go in back yards and local fruit shops.
IL Baronello Vin Cotto

Our Seasonal Recipes

Poached Vino Cotto Quince, Hazelnut and Blueberry Crumble  Serves 8

VinoCotto Poached Quince, Hazelnut and Blueberry Crumble A crumble says it all – ‘comfort, warmth, flavour, cosiness’  and combined with the lovely perfumed Quince fruit that has been poached in Vino Cotto and aromatics, it’s truly a perfect family dessert. Yum!  Read more.

Vino Cotto Poached Fig and Walnut Cake with Sticky Fig Syrup   Serves 12

Vino Cotto Poached Fig and Walnut Cake with sticky fig syrup
Celebrating the Fig season with this much prized fruit that is packed with so much goodness. 
This delicious cake studded with moist figs can be served with the aromatic and sticky Vino Cotto poached fig syrup.  Read more.

Sirloin Streaks with Grilled Figs Vino Cotto  Serves 4

Sirloin Steak with Grilled Figs Vino Cotto Grilled figs are a great accompaniment to sirloin steaks that have been marinated in Vino Cotto.   This fabulous steak dish is an easy option for entertaining on those long leisurely Autumn lunches.  Read more.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Sunday, May 12th 2013

Our Vino Cotto gift box is a deliciously easy solution to gift giving for the special Mother, Grandmother or Aunty in your life who appreciates quality Italian condiments.

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1 x 50ml Vino Cotto Apple
1 x 50ml Vino Cotto Quince
1 x porcelain serving dish
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