Vino Cotto Newsletter – Winter 2013

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Winter Comforts

Need to stay warm?  Then get cooking! Roasts and slow cooking meals fill the kitchen with warmth and aromas to make everyone feel welcomed. Our Citrus and VinoCotto chicken roast is delicious and easy to prepare and great served with a generous side of seasonal root vegetables.  Try our reader recipe Spiced Coffee, Date and Vino Cotto Loaf – it’s delightfully different and oh so more-ish!
Enjoy the differences that each seasons brings!
Angela & IL Baronello Team
IL Baronello Vin Cotto

Our Seasonal Recipes

Vino Cotto and Citrus Roast Chicken   Serves 4

Vino Cotto and Citrus Roast Chicken
A roast make a marvelous wintry night dinner, with most of the work done in the oven. Gather the family around for this delicious chicken roast.
The marinade can also be used on a butterflied leg of lamb and seared on a BBQ grill for a wonderful smoky flavour. 

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Roasted Root Vegetables with Persian Feta and Vino Cotto Dressing  Serves 4

Roast Root Vegetables with Persian Feta and Vino Cotto Dressing Roasted vegetables are the ideal side dish for a roast dinner in winter, so serve them in generous quantities.Read more.


 VinoCotto, Coffee, Dates and Spice Loaf  Serves 12

VinCotto, Coffee, Date ans Spices Loaf This deliciously dense and moist loaf studded with coffee and Vino Cotto cooked dates in a lingering aroma of spices and loaded with crunchy nuts in every bite, is so delightfully different and oh so more-ish!.
A perfect slice to spice up a cold afternoon with a coffee.
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Reader Recipe
This recipe has been kindly shared by Sofia with a Greek heritage.  ‘Musto’ – is the Greek word for Vino Cotto and it was often used in her family baking recipes when combined with spices and dried fruits from the Middle Eastern regions close to the Greek Islands.  Give it a try!


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IL Baronello Vin Cotto We would like to give our readers a FREE 100ml Vino Cotto bottle, valued at $25 (incl postage and handling anywhere within Australia) when you email us with your own Vino Cotto recipe which may be published in our Newsletters.

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