Vino Cotto Newsletter Autumn 2012

Autumn 2012

Sharing a special artisanal product…

 “Vino Cotto livens up
my flavours so much”
Richard J., NSW

Great Vino Cotto comes from wonderful fruit and being respectful to the grapes natural beauty and minimal intervention during the making of the product. Just as it was done many years ago in the small villagers of southern Italy were Vino Cotto was natural and held in high regard.

The late harvest grapes this year were fully ripen and bursting with sweetness and flavours. All thanks to great weather conditions over the past few months and good vineyard management.

The production of Vino Cotto this year is promising to have the intensity, elegance and flavour that we aim to harness every year.

The very lengthy and tiresome process of making our Vino Cotto starts with sorting through the loads of grapes that have to be crushed. A glimpse of how good this years harvest is, comes from the first sip of the fresh must straight from the press. Then the magic takes place over the next 15 hours of slowly cooking the must, infusing the fresh fruits and taste testing at many stages. It all comes down to a single moment where the sugars caramelise to form a sweet condiment – only at this stage did we know that it was shaping up to be a cracker end product!

The young Vino Cotto is now cellared for the next 10 to 12 months to allow aroma and flavours to integrate and develop. Of course the TLC does not end here. Over the coming months we keep a close eye on it, a little filtration and decanting at the right time all helps yield what finally gets bottled.

We are often asked, which stores stock our Vino Cotto? Due to the limited quantities we produce, we only sell our products online sharing our passion with visitors to our site. We are not a large producer of Vino Cotto, which is a ‘labour of love’ for our family, as the amount of hours and product wastage due to filtration are significant. Our focus is always on quality and following traditional methods and not quantity.

It was exciting to see Vino Cotto featured on the SBS show “Two Greedy Italians” which aired last week. The people of Puglia located in Southern Italy, use Vino Cotto to prepare a sweet dish with wheat, Vino Cotto, chocolate and pomegranate to celebrate a religious day and various other biscuits which they dip into Vin Santo, a dessert wine. I will try to source these traditional recipes and keep you informed by posting them on our blog at


New Recipes

As we welcome Autumn’s arrival, I simply have to make a feast of Fig dishes, they are only in season for a short while. Enjoy the following recipes before the last figs disappear from the fruit shops.

Baked Figs with spices and Vino Cotto (click here for recipe)
These baked figs are delicate and smell delicious. Can be served with a scoop of ice-cream, ginger mascarpone or on top of a ricotta cake. Enjoyed with a glass of dessert wine or a port.

Fig, Prosciutto, Goat’s curd and Vino Cotto Salad (click here for recipe)
This beautiful fresh salad of salty prosciutto nestled amongst the soft jammy figs and the subtle acidic taste of goat’s curd cheese is dressed with the luscious flavours of Vino Cotto. It’s simply irresistible.

Duck breast with Vino Cotto and roasted Figs (click here for recipe)
Duck breast is a delicious, versatile and easy to prepare meat that pairs wonderfully with the delicate flavours of grilled figs and Vino Cotto.

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Enjoy the flavours of the season with char grilled Mediterranean vegetables drizzled with Vino Cotto and extra virgin olive oil.

Easy to prepare warm olives with thyme, orange and Vino Cotto. Perfect accompaniment to a platter with shaved meats, cheese & crackers.

Baked sweet ricotta drizzled with Vino Cotto, served with poached fruit. Great as a light lunch.





We what to know your thoughts about our Vino Cotto!

We are offering a 100ml bottle of Vino Cotto (flavour of your choice, free of charge and free delivery) to all that email us with your feedback and testimonials. We need all of the following information to be eligible:
1. Comments on the available selection of flavours of our Vino Cotto,
2. How your prefer to use the product,
3. A dish or recipe you have prepared with Vino Cotto,
4. A photo of yourself, preferably also holding the bottle (with your consent, the photo may be published at our website on a Testimonials page together with your first name, last-name initial and state of residence),
5. A testimonial of what you thought of our Vino Cotto, and
6. Any improvements to the product.

The purpose of requesting this information is to help us improve our products and services. We look forward to receiving your comments. Please send details to with subject line: “Product Feedback”, before 1 June 2012.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

Angela & IL Baronello team