Vino Cotto Newsletter – Autumn 2014


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We’ve just had that special time of the year when we successfully completed another years work of Vino Cotto production.  It’s such a rewarding experience.
Our grapes were of amazing quality and flavour, courtesy of the warmer season and vineyard management.  We pressed loads of grapes using our new press which worked like a charm.  
We are delighted at what the young 2014 Vino Cotto promises to offer when it is bottled in 12 months time.  It should be a cracker!
In the end it’s all about balance – perfectly matured grapes and gently pressed, slowly cooked must and time given to the Vino Cotto to mature with a delicate sweetness and lovely lingering fragrance.
Happy Easter.

Angela & IL Baronello Team

IL Baronello Vin Cotto

Our Seasonal Recipes

Roast Fig Ice-cream with Macadamia Nuts   Make 2 Litres 

Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut and Vino Cotto Biscuits The combination of caramelized fig swirls, creamy ice-cream and roasted macadamia nuts, creates a delicious sun kissed ice-cream where the figs are the shinning star.
Roasting figs brings out their flavours and sweetness.  Read more.

Hot Cross Buns with Vino Cotto soaked fruit  Serves 20

Warm Apple Polenta Cake with Honey and Vino Cotto Syrup There is nothing like the aroma of hot cross buns baking in your oven to help celebrate Good Friday morning breakfast. These little pleasures are moist and dense and the Vino Cotto soaked fruit infuses the buns with a lovely fragrance and flavour that the whole family will enjoy. Finish off the buns with a sugar glaze to give them a high-gloss and sticky finish.  Read more.

Caramelised Onions with a splash of Vino Cotto   Serves 4

Hazelnut and Fig Vino Cotto Bread I’m sure we can all agree that caramelised onions can turn a simple dish into something deliciously gourmet.  These tender, sweet and yet savoury flavour onions can be used in so many ways. From pizza topping, layered on burgers, added to roast pumpkin salads with fetta, in braised dishes, on BBQ steaks or in soups.
Adding a slash of Vino Cotto to deglaze the pan, helps lift the sticky fonds giving the onions an even richer and delicious flavour.  Read more


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Sunday, 11th May 2014

Our Vino Cotto Gift packs are a wonderful gift for the special Wife, Mother, Grandmother or Aunty in your life who appreciates quality Italian condiments. Flavour of your choice.
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The cut off date to place your Mother’s Day order will be Monday 5th May 2014 5pm.

Gift Box 1 – Two 100ml Bottles
Price – $30 (plus $10 delivery)

Gift Box 2 – Four 100ml Bottles
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Get a FREE bottle of Vino Cotto
(flavour of your choice: Original, or fruit infused Vino Cotto Fig, Apple or Quince)

IL Baronello Vin Cotto We would like to give our readers a FREE 100ml Vino Cotto bottle, valued at $25 (incl postage and handling anywhere within Australia).For your chance to sample another flavour from our product range at no charge, simply send an email to with your feedback on our product and how you have used our Vino Cotto in your cooking. Include a testimonial that we can publish on our website.  We welcome your feedback.  Remember to tell us your choice of flavour.  This offer is made to the first ten emails received and the offer ends 30th May 2014 5pm EST.  Thank you.