Vino Cotto Newsletter – Spring 2013

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Update on the 2013 Vino Cotto
The cellared 2013 production of Vino Cotto was recently filtered and decanted and we can gladly report that the Vino Cotto is delicious, with more richness in taste and opulence in scent.  This is all thanks to receiving the best fruit possible for our production.   So as the vine buds begin to swell in Spring, we are hopeful for another great season of fruit for 2014.

Spring Fresh!
The onset of warmer weather and the fresh flavours of the season, calls for light and sun friendly fare, with the likes of salads, seafood and light desserts.  We have the following recipes for you to enjoy.

IL Baronello Vin Cotto

Our Seasonal Recipes

Vino Cotto Strawberry and Apple Crumble Tart   Serves 10

Starring warm tender apples and sweet strawberries with a dash of Vino Cotto and a generous helping of crunchy hazelnut crumble, makes this dessert a real treat! 
The fruits pair up beautifully and the sweet crumble offsets the subtle tartness of the compote.   Read more.

Fennel and Blood Orange Salad with Vino Cotto vinaigrette and BBQ Prawns  Serves 4

The anise notes in the fennel and the tartness from the blood oranges make this a refreshing and beautiful salad to any spring menu.  Can also be served with grilled salmon or smoked trout.  Read more.

Walnut, Almonds and Dates in Vino Cotto Cookies   Makes approx. 30

There won’t be a crumb left of these moist goodies once you’ve tried them.  Loaded with sweet dates and a crunchy nut filling coated in Vino Cotto, these cookies create a homely and irresistible teatime dessert.  Read more.


Vino Cotto Christmas Gifts & Hampers

With Christmas not too far away, the festive spirit is alive and well.Whether you are searching for a gift or preparing your own Christmas hampers consider Vino Cotto for that special artisan condiment where quality and authenticity is our dedication.Christmas Hampers are now available for purchase online.View Hampers here.




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