Vincotto Ice Cream Topping

Vincotto Ice-cream Topping

Vincotto Ice-cream topping with Strawberries

One of our very favourite ways to enjoy Vino Cotto is as an ice cream topping.

Simply get your favourite ice cream, maybe a good quality vanilla bean flavour, add a few generous  scoops into a bowl and let the Vino Cotto flow over the top – Yumm!

For an added heavenly treat, mix berries in Vincotto and set aside for half an hour to allow the flavours to infuse.

When you are ready to serve, scoop ice-cream into glass/bowl, add the macerated berries and any juices on top and finish off with mint and toasted almonds flakes or pistachios.

The combination of strawberries and Vino Cotto is wonderful and it’s so easy to prepare.


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