Crispy Brussels sprouts with lentils and Vincotto dressing

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with lentils and Vincotto dressing

Channel 10: MasterChef.
The chefs from Porteño Boys, NSW, cooked a succulent BBQ spatchcock and a Brussels sprouts side dish with a Vino Cotto dressing.  A clever way to enjoy Brussels sprouts which are now in season (July-September). The simple dressing with vino cotto makes the sprouts shine.

The humble Brussels Sprout is a sweet, very tasty and extremely healthy vegetable and is non deserving of it’s bad reputation. Give this recipe a try and enjoy it as an accompaniment to a roast chicken, grilled quail, grilled pork cutlet or beef dish.

Here is the recipe from Porteño Boys as seen on MasterChef.

Warning: Stand clear of hot oil once sprouts are cooking as the oil will spit.

Serves: 4
150 gm small green lentils
vegetable oil, for frying
2 kg Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved
1½ cups (loosely packed) mint
Vincotto dressing
200 ml extra-virgin olive oil
100 ml vincotto
2 tbsp hot English mustard
Salt and pepper, to taste


Combine lentils in a saucepan with enough cold water to cover generously, bring to the boil and cook until just tender (15-20 minutes), then drain and set aside. Keep warm.

For vincotto dressing, whisk ingredients in a bowl to combine, season to taste, set aside.

Preheat oil in a large deep-sided saucepan or deep-fryer to 180C. Deep-fry Brussels sprouts in batches, stirring occasionally, until crisp and dark golden (4-5 minutes), drain on absorbent paper and transfer to a large bowl.

Place in a serving bowl, the fried Brussels sprouts, lentils, mint and vincotto dressing. Gently toss to coat and serve hot.


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