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Vino Cotto, also known as Vincotto, can be used as an ingredient to enrich many food dishes or drizzled directly on food just prior to serving, allowing it’s aroma and pure taste to be enjoyed.

“Vino Cotto is a delicious, naturally sweet and

aromatic velvety condiment.”

Vino Cotto is made purely from the ‘must’ of freshly pressed premium dark grapes. The must is slowly cooked and reduced to a delicious syrup then cellared for many months or even years, allowing it to develop a very unique flavour profile.

In keeping with tradition, IL Baronello Vino Cotto products are artisanally prepared. The result is a wonderfully natural product, rich in aroma with flavours of dark berries and spices. IL Baronello Vino Cotto has a luscious texture and a bitter-sweet balance to complement many sweet and savoury dishes.

Available flavours - Original and fruit infused Apple, Fig and Quince.

Try it for yourself and discover how you can enhance the flavours of your dishes. Click here to order online. For more details on how to use this versatile condiment click here. For recipes visit our blog.

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